When done properly, Search Engine Optimization can result in an inflow of traffic, better quality leads, and visibility for your business. Having a website simply is not enough. You have to use your website as the powerful marketing tool that when combined with key marketing tactics can bring in new customers. Search Engine Optimization achieves exactly that. People are searching for your services online every day but if your website doesn’t come up on search results no one will find you.
Netlink Studio can help get your website ranked properly in the top search engines for the right keywords. We keep up with the trend so you won’t have to worry about losing traffic or getting penalized because of some algorithm changes brought on by Google or Yahoo. Just remember, no search engine optimization provider can guarantee rankings and it should be a major red light if they do.


Over time we have developed a step-by-step approach to optimizing the online presence of our customers. Netlink Studio, offers superior SEO services which can help your website improve its rankings on the search engines. We target your clients locally and drive more traffic to your site which will result in increased solid leads for your business.

By subscribing to our advanced SEO service package we will continue the robust analysis and optimization monitoring process for your site that permit us to continuously “tweak” and “tune” your site. Below is our systematic approach to getting websites ranked on Google and in the end, drive more qualified customers to our clients.

1. Business Analysis

Understanding our clients business model is the first and most crucial step of the process. By understanding a business we can begin to think like the customers that make that business a success. Knowing what the customers are looking for helps us better understand what needs to be done to make that happen.

2. Keyword Research

Once we understand who the customers are, we can start to research what keywords they would use to find the business. In this process we sift through hundreds of related keywords and phrases to pinpoint the ones we wish to rank for. Factoring search volume, level of competition and number of results we can find the right keywords for the business.

3. Competitor Analysis 

Once the keywords have been selected, it’s time to look at our competitors and how they rank for our selected keywords. By inspecting our competitors we can learn their tactics and leverage what they have done to get to where they are in search results. This gives us a good starting point to dominating the search results.

4. On Page Optimization

Now that we know where we want to go, it is time to take action. Going through the current website and optimizing important key areas such as meta title, data and content. This allows us to better align ourselves to achieving search result domination for the keywords we wish to rank for.

4. Forward SEO Strategy

In this phase we will examine various strategies that will aid us in dominating search results. Strategies such as content production through the use of blogs, video production, social media and back linking techniques. Every business and budget are different and at this point we examine all the various combinations to maximise our potential growth and success.

5. Ongoing Analysis and Optimization

Monitoring key metrics on an ongoing basis is necessary to determine if our strategy requires any modifications. We examine key metrics such as bounce rate, visitor sessions and average time on site along with keyword placement of our properties. This process is an ongoing one as competitors will continually try to out rank us in an effort to increase their business.