PPC Advertising is the Internet’s most powerful marketing tool. Some businesses have pay-per-click marketing to thank for their entire existence and growth, while other businesses have replaced their traditional advertising budget at a fraction of the cost to advertise through PPC methods, with better results. To this day, search engines bring 70-90% of all traffic to websites on average. Targeted traffic is the key difference between casual browsers versus attracting hot leads and prospects likely to contact you.


Pay-per-click essentially act as sponsored links, examples can be seen at the top and along the right side of the natural search engine results on most major search engines. Pay-per-click advertising can also be served contextually. This means that your sponsored link can appear next to relevant content on articles, blogs, and online news sources. The main concept behind PPC ads are the keywords being bid on in an auction-style format. Generally, the higher your maximum bid, the higher in rank your ad appears. The cost per click can be brought down by implementing proven tactics to increase the quality of your advertising account. Remember, the job of search engines is to bring up the most relevant information to its users, if done correctly your cost per click can be cheaper than your competitor.
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