Keeping your website up-to-date is important for your company’s online presence. Nothing scares visitors away more than an outdated website.  Also, having an outdated website can decrease your visibility in search engine rankings. At Netlink Studio we offer a solid maintenance package that allow you to keep your website up-to-date.
Our package includes security update, ongoing updates, routine backups and above all excellent customer support leaving you with peace of mind that your site is well protected.


As part of our maintenance and support package, we offer you bi-monthly backups of your website.  This ensures that any changes you make will be safe guarded against any data corruption.

E-commerce sites can have content changing more often on their website due to new product releases; automated weekly backups can easily be applied to your site upon request.


Every now and then WordPress (or your website platform) comes out with new versions that require the updating of your website’s environment. The updates that take place are to ensure that your website remains secure, works quickly and can be properly indexed on search engines. Netlink Studio  will continue to implement routine updates to your website when you are enrolled in our maintenance and support program.


Every web property that we manage uses the latest security features to ensure that your website is properly protected against hackers. Having your website hacked can be a big headache and can cost you a lot of time and money to repair. Here at Netlink Studio we take the necessary steps from day one to prevent any harm that may come to your website and the data on it.


From website updates, to Google Analytics data for your website, we log data activity for your website.  We can produce specialized Google Analytics reports and help you interpret them to help guide you in implementing advanced SEO strategies which helps to keep your website relevant to users & search engines.


If you ever have any questions about the performance of your website, we are hear to answer them. Your full satisfaction is our primary goal as a growing Canadian marketing company. We depend on your feedback, reviews and collaboration to help us keep our excellent market reputation.  We believe in creating synergy between ourselves and our clients by adopting a win/win strategy that will lead us both to success; just ask our current customers who have shared their experiences!